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Texas Tech vs. Kansas State

Update on this week: Went to a Texas Tech game in Lubbock Tx. Final score Kansas State 42- Tech 35... Sadly we did not win but I'm thankful that I was invited to come to a free game by the wonderful Alexandra Belle!

If you have never been to a Tech game though I highly advise going! The drive from Stephenville to Lubbock was about 262 miles there and then 262 miles back.... All in all drove about 600 miles when you include driving around Lubbock along with stopping back in my home town. Just to clarify yes I do drive a lot. Don't judge lol

Texas Tech University of Lubbock, Tx- Opened it's door in 1923 Tech went from having only six buildings. Today the campus is one of the largest in the United States. They are home of the Matadors! In 1936 the "Masked Rider," came into effect starting off as simply the "Ghost Riders," where they circled the field during home games and disappearing. In 1954 the "Masked Rider," became the official mascot for Texa…

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